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GC-MSD Systems

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GC/MS or Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry is an efficient and cost effective method for the analysis of a wide range of organic compounds.  Applications vary from law enforcement, airport security, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, food analysis, to astrophysical analysis.

The most common form of GC/MS is known as electron impact (EI) GC/MS.  This analysis is performed by separating organic compounds via a gas chromatograph then detecting them by bombarding the compounds with high energy electronics.  The bombardment results in a unique fragmenting pattern that can be used as a fingerprint to confirm the compounds presence.  Extracting the most prominent fragment (or ion charge separated by mass/charge) and measuring its response allows the laboratory to arrive at a concentration of the compound.

Analytical Instrument Resource buys and sells GC-Mass Spectrometers from a variety of manufactures such as Agilent Technologies or Hewlett Packard, and Thermo Scientific. In addition to GC/MS systems, we provide parts and components such as thermal switches, diffusion pumps, vacuum gauges, two stage pumps, electronics and more.

Our analytical systems are expertly refurbished, tested and most include a full six month warranty. Test data is provided with each GC/MSD System. Training and Professional Installation options are available. 


The list of products in this category is of common systems that we produce and support on a routine basis and are meant to be examples of systems that we can build from our typical inventory.

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