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Ion Chromatography Systems

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Ion Chromatography is the separation of anions (negatively charged) and cations (positively charged) analytes.  Separation of analytes is based on the coulombic interactions (ionic strength).  The larger the ions charge the more apt the ion is to be retained on the columns phase.  By introducing a mobile phase of opposite charge the ions will move through a column at different times.  Once the separation of ions has occurred a conductivity detector can measure the micro-siemen difference and create a positive response.  This response is typically measured by a data system and can be correlated to a known concentration.

Ion chromatography is also used to measure amino acids, carbohydrates and other large ions.  The response is typically measured using UV-Visible Sprectroscopy or electrochemical response.

The principal industries for which ion chromatography is useful are pharmaceutical, food, and environmental testing.

The list of products in this category is of common systems that we produce and support on a routine basis and are meant to be examples of systems that we can build from our typical inventory.

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