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  • Shimadzu 2010 LCMS with Prominence HPLC

Shimadzu Scientific Prominence UFLC with 2010 EV LC-MSD

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Product Description

Shimadzu Scientific Prominence UFLC with 2010 EV LC-MSD

 System Includes:

  • Shimadzu LCMS-2010 EV (Evolution) Mass Spectrometer
  • Shimadzu SIL-20A Prominence Autosampler
  • Shimadzu SPD-20AV Prominence UV/VIS Detector, Range 190 – 900 nm
  • 2 Shimadzu LC-20AD Prominence Liquid Chromatography Pumps
  • Shimadzu CBM-20A Communications Bus Module
  • Shimadzu DGU-20A5 Prominence Degasser
  • New Core i3 Computer Data System with LC/MSD Software
  • New 21.5" Flat Panel Monitor

Our analytical systems are expertly refurbished, tested and include a full six month warranty. Test data is provided with each HPLC system.


Key features

Revised ion source design. Orthogonal source geometry with an additional drying gas at the inlet of the capillary. Results in higher sensitivity and greater control of solvent adduct formation.

Fast scanning electronics support 6000 amu/second (6000 data points per second) acquisition rates for fast chromatography applications. Peak widths of several seconds may be detected using fast scan rates to maintain spectrum quality without affecting the accuracy and precision of detection.

Multi-sequence mode support. Supports mixed mode analysis (switching between full scan acquisitions and selected ion monitoring), multiple acquisition conditions in a single analysis, simultaneous structural information and molecular weight confirmation in both positive and negative ion mode from a single injection and optimizes the response to both quantitation ions and confirmatory ions to minimize false positives and increase confidence in peak assignment.

Unique Q-array™ ion guide. Q-array ion guide (patent pending) configuration is unique - three quadrupoles with different inscribed radii coupled with an octapole The Q-array™ precisely focuses ion delivery into the mass analyzer. The ion optic design for the LCMS-2010EV is the most innovative design in ion focusing technology. Using the Q-array™ and octapole RF guides to precisely focus ions to the mass analyzer we deliver new limits of detection for LC.


Training & Professional Installation available, for more information contact ai@inst-resource.com or call 720.550.7282 

Warranty Information

Analytical Instrument Resource warrants that should a product purchased from or repaired by AI-Resource fail to meets its advertised specifications, within its stated warranty period, (period begins on shipment date) AI-Resource will either replace, repair or refund the product at our discretion. The above-mentioned warranty shall be the sole remedy of the purchaser with Analytical Instrument Resource. Analytical Instrument Resource will not be responsible for any liability beyond the repair/replacement/refund options stated.

Analytical Instrument Resource does not take responsibility for the suitability of the equipment to fit a particular application. The customer's configuration requirements are his/her responsibility. Analytical Instrument Resource will attempt to assist the customer in product selection but Analytical Instrument Resource is not liable for improper product selection unless stated otherwise on the invoice or product quotation.

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